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View of Fenway Park from The Bleacher Bar (copyright Delia Cabe June 2009)

View of Fenway Park from The Bleacher Bar (copyright Delia Cabe June 2009)

These wines would be gimmicky if it weren’t for the fact that a portion of the sales goes to a Red Sox player’s favorite charity: Pitching in for Kids, Curt’s Pitch for ALS, David Ortiz Children’s Fund and Youk’s Kids. The names are a bit of a stretch, but the wine tastes fine–though more of double than a home run.

Charity Wines raised more than $350,000 for three Red Sox charities in the first three months after the wine debuted in 2007. Last year, two more wines were introduced. The company offered five wines in all, but no longer produces them. But you can still find them at some New England retailers. (Check Charity Wines for a retailer.)

Here’s the lineup:

VARITEK FRONT smallORTIZ FRONT smalltSchilling SchardonnayWakefield Front LabelthumbYOUK FRONT small

Charity Wines also sells wines that feature MLB players from Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and, er, New York, as well as ones with football and hockey players.

pMLB2-5901295dtOf course, no post about the Red Sox would be complete without a trip down memory lane for the Fenway Faithful:


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