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My first cats, Willow and Tasha, were Siamese seal points. When I spotted this wine featuring Siamese cats at my local wine store, I had to buy it. I e-mailed the owners of Azienda Agricola Martilde, in Rovescala, Italy, in the Oltrep√≤ Pavese region, to see whether they could send me some labels. They obliged. The illustrations are by one of the owners, Antonella Tacci, who is a painter. She and her husband, Raimondo Lombardi, own three Siamese. Here’s what they wrote:

As you might have seen on the internet, we are Siamese cats lovers and owners. Currently, we have three: Mantissa, a blue-point female, that is on the Rosso Mantissa wine label, and her two children: Medea, a female black oriental, that is on the Malvasia Dedica white wine, and Manfredi, a male seal point Siamese, that is only on a private label, specially designed for a restaurant in Boston, and not yet released.






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I admit it: I buy wine that has cats on the label. I have two kitties, Clara and Sadie, who are lynxpoints–and littermates. Budini wines caught my eye because of the orange cat with elongated striped front legs against a black background. I’ve only had the reds–both nice. My dining room is in the middle of renovation. For art, I plan to frame wine labels featuring cats. Katie of Vine Connections, which imports Budini wines, sent me some of these labels.

Budini is named after the rare and beautiful wild pampas cat of Argentina, Oncifelis colocolo budini. This furry and elusive cat can be found from the grassy grazing plains of the Argentine pampas to the high-elevation foothills of the Andes where Argentina’s finest wine grapes are grown. This attractively striped feline has the unusual ability to make itself look much larger than it actually is by straightening its fur up to almost 3 inches when frightened. Its diet consists primarily of guinea pigs, ground-dwelling birds, and even poultry. ~ Vine Connections



About Vine Connections

Since 1999, Vine Connections is a Sausalito, California-based importer of artisan wines from Argentina.

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